Newport First Responder, Russell Brooks, received a cheque for £86 from Newport Bowling Club President, David Doody at a Defibrillator training demonstration on 17th May to go towards the purchase of their new vehicle for the Shropshire Ambulance service.

In his response, Russel thanked the members of the bowling club and proceeded to give a lecture and practical demonstration on the importance of administering CPR and the use of the life-saving Defibrillator machine.

Russel informed his listeners that in the UK there were over 30,00 cardiac arrests in one year and these were not just confined to the older members of society. Last year, he said, there were 625 cardiac arrests recorded in children alone under the age of 16. Russel went on to explain the importance of a quick response to an individual suspected of having a cardiac arrest and the importance of calling an ambulance right away and the use of a Defibrillator

Russel than gave a practical demonstration of CPR before guiding the volunteers through the operation of the Defibrillator machine and emphasising the importance of following the vocal instruction issued by the machine.

Members were then invited to practice CPR on life-like mannequins and to operate the Defibrillator machine under Russell’s guidance. The purchase and supply of the Defibrillator was inspired by Carl Dixon who had previously been featured in the Newport Advertiser in connection with the supply to other organisations.

President of the Club, David Doody, thanked Russel for coming along to the club and giving up his time to explain the operation and value of such an important life-saving machine.